Hazelnut in Turkey and in the World

According to antique Chinese handwritten manuscripts, hazelnut has a history of 5000 years and during mystical and medieval ages in Europe, it used to be harvested then by being mixed with honey, honey juice and pepper, offered and consumed traditionally at ceremonies, festivals. It was accepted as a symbol of fertility and also eaten as a remedy for aches.

Hazelnut has a fatty, highly nutritive and floury structure which gives a slight taste to itself. Because of this structure, it has a wide range of usage field such as in breads, cakes, pies and in the same way in cooking soups, preparing rice varieties, and salads.

Hazelnut is a real and unique source of iron, magnesium phosphorus, potassium, thiamine and niacin. It is also a very rich source of monounsaturated fats which are very useful for health and reduces risk of heart attack.

Today, Hazelnut has been produced in many countries mainly in Turkey, Italy and also Spain America, Greece, Azerbaijan.

Turkey, alone, has got 70 percent of hazelnut production of the whole world. Hazelnut is grown in Black Sea coast lands.

Formerly, Hazelnut had been produced in small amount in the East of Black Sea around Giresun. It was first experimented in the middle part region of Black Sea, in Samsun Terme in 1924, by the young entrepreneur farmer of that time, Hacı Topcuoglu Sukru Kaya in spite of the attempt of being hindered for many times, by the elders of the region who were also his father's close friends. He planted hazelnut seedlings which he had brought from Tirebolu / Giresun, in the distant sections of his fields from the main road.

Hacı Sukru Kaya had some difficulties in selling even small amount of hazelnut because of insufficient transportation facilities and he forwarded it via Black Sea by small vessels to some cities, such as Giresun and Ordu.

The young farmer Sukru Kaya observed the fact that the product is quite compatible with climate conditions and soil structure of the region and while he was trying to enlarge hazelnut planting lands, he spent great effort for the encouragement of growing hazelnut by solving road and electricity problems of the region.

During years, it has been seen that his effort was not in vain and the region has become the biggest hazelnut are of Turkey with its grower, buyer, seller, producer and exporter since 1954.

Previously all laborship which had been done by manpower and handwork was machinerized with his inciting and insisting orders of machines and initially small workshops who had lack of technical know-how are now at the position of manufacturing all kinds of machines and even establishing complete hazelnut processing factories in and out of Turkey.

Hacı Sukru Kaya died in 1976 with a pride of being the first and biggest hazelnut grower of the region and adding richness to people's lives of the region and introducing them the most convenient product to seasonal conditions.

Today hazelnut has been spreading in and out of the country into a widening market with varieties such as with or without shell, roasted, double-roasted, minced, mashed.

Now, a modern phase has been reached in picking up hazelnut from fields, drying, sorting its green leaves, harvesting and packaging in bags by machines.

Doubtlessly, contribution of Hazelnut Promotion Group cannot be denied.

While the Group makes the sales potential of hazelnut kinetic by emphasizing primarily its nutritional benefits which was not known to a large extend before, also monitors, the merchandise of hazelnut to be conformed to international regulations and quality standards.

Hazelnut growing has been increasing in the world with the widening of hazelnut planting areas mainly in the USA and also Greece, Georgia ans some EU countries.

Hazelnut is a good source of strength and energy. It eradicates mental tiredness, Thanks to the fat it contains, it is highly beneficial against heart and vessel diseases, high cholesterol. It reduces the risk of having heart attack, recovers enemy, supports bone health, and boosts sexual power.

In parallel to understanding of the nutritive value of hazelnut with its richness of minerals and vitamins much better, increase of product varieties for different purposes in the market by different processing and packaging is efficient in making the product more and more widespread.



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