Our History

Import export company, we are import export company in Turkey, we are all about import export in Turkey.


Since our establishment in 1977, as exclusive distributor in Turkey, we have already distributed the chemical products of Gold Schmidt AG from Germany, fax devices, CTV monitors, car alarms, memories, CD Rom of 3M (the USA), Hyundai (South Korea) and Tatung (Taiwan) companies and also the computer components of different manufacturers from Far East.

On the other side, we have already been importing rice from the USA, Egypt, Thai, Pakistan and Italy as different varieties like medium and long grain and also Milling Wheat from Kazakhstan and Russia.

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Why we are the best

After nationalization of said commodities, related companies of our group perform milling, packing, distribution and sale of the products.

In connection with that, we are planning to distribute and expand our purchasing - selling area with new products such as Sugar, Sunflower Oil and also Rice [as paddy, cargo or white rice] from South American Countries.

We are exporting Refined Sunflower Oil and Hazelnut to EU countries and looking for exporting possibilities of Hazelnut to China and South American Countries which is one the main agricultural export product of Turkey.

Thanks to the sales potential of our dynamic and experienced staff who are sufficient to market our market our above mentioned products easily, regarding pulse products we, from now on, are carrying a share of %4.61 of local market.

The total foundation capital investments for production deposit of the group's companies is 26.500.000 US$ (app. as US$). Our company's turnover is app. 3.100.000 US$ and the group's together over 135.000.000 US$.

For all the purchasing operation of said business, depending on the kind of product we open L/C at sight, or deferred payment of 90-180 days, or pay by CAD, CAG.

Quantities of our orders are changing according to the distance to Turkey and the prices of goods, from 100 mt to 10.000 mt per shipment.

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Rules we live by

  • 1. Honesty - Being honest and hearty to all our relations with customers.

  • 2. Timing - To put forward their products and services they want in perfect and flawless way.

  • 3. Respect - To respect our employees' rights and to provide them working places with comfortable conditions.




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