About Corn

Corn is one year cereal plant in the family Poaceae.

Corn, that is one of phylo of Meydeae, generally forms male flowers bunch formatted tassels at the end of its body which is about 2 m. Female flowers and the fruits which are reddish colored later presents on the body, top of a thick corncob which came inside leaf seat. Tall and wide leafs are spiral strung.

It's used for provender, human food or raw material in the industrial. One of its type is known as china-corn which is tough, sharp grained, and it's popped and consumed as popcorn.

Corn is natural plant of America mainland and nowadays it's farmed in many countries of the world, widely in Black-sea and West Anatolia regions of Turkey. In 1938, it was produced 1.480.000 tons in 550 thousands hectare in Turkey.

Source: Büyük Ansiklopedi

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